“Hi! I’d love feedback on a logo for a restaurant.”

Asked on: 2021-02-14

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for sending your question through. Starting a restaurant (so I hear) is one of the toughest jobs out there and making sure you have the right brand is absolutely paramount to communicate what you offer and its success.

This logo is a great start but hard to judge without more context of the full brand or even seeing the environment of the restaurant.

However, I have a few ideas for you...

  • Two shapes - currently you have 10 shapes in the logo (2 outlines and 8 letters) my instinct says this is too much. How can you pare that down. One easy way is to fill in the middle shape and lockout the letters from that fill.

  • One color - always build your first draft logos in one color and try them out in reverse (light on dark)

  • More space - Personally I would try to pad the words more from the edges of the shape. Give the words room to breathe. This will also help with legibility at small sizes

  • A new shape - The outer shape, could it be a reference to your space or food even?

I understand these are more questions than answers - but isn’t that what design is? Asking better questions?

♥️ ♥️ ♥️,
Ask a designer team