“Hi! Please send me some feedback on Trulyremote.co/jobs”

Asked on: 2021-01-08

Hi there. Thanks for your question. Good job on Truly Remote so far. Being a remote designer, I am constantly trying to find new sources of potential jobs like this - so well done. Some ideas for you:

  • A Lost of remote first companies - I am always interested in which companies are remote first. Could you build and maintain a directory of companies? Even if they don't have jobs open, I would like to send through my portfolio.

  • US Remote - So many companies in the US think remote is 'remote in America' can this be filtered out?

  • Would love to know the HQ location/timezone of a company. Even thought companies are hiring remotely most people tend to be clustered near the company's headquarters or offices.

  • Results are varied - When clicking on design I seem to get a bunch of engineering jobs.

  • Find jobs in sectors - right now the search is by role or function - could I search potentially by industry? Design in automotive for example.

♥️ ♥️ ♥️,
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