We answer a ton of questions. Here's a laundry list of some of the questions we have been asked so far. Get inspired and don't be shy. Ask us anything, we can handle it.

“How do I choose colors for dark mode?”

Hello! This is a fantastic question. Dark mode is a pattern that not many UX designers are (understandably) well versed in. Here are some tips to choose dark mode colors...


“Hi! I’d love feedback on a logo for a restaurant.”

Hi Daniel, Thanks for sending your question through. Starting a restaurant (so I hear) is one of the toughest jobs out there and making sure you have the right brand is absolutely paramount to communicate what you offer and its success...


“I’m an industrial design student and I’d like to move into automotive design. What are some resources that can get me to where I need to be?”

Thanks for the question - thats one is a doozy. I have worked on a few automotive projects over the years but none of them were about designing the actual car. I had to consult some industrial designers at IDEO on your question...


“Hi! Please send me some feedback on”

Hi there. Thanks for your question. Good job on Truly Remote so far. Being a remote designer, I am constantly trying to find new sources of potential jobs like this - so well done...