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A:   Hi there! This is a great question and one we get asked by developers all the time. Without trying to turn you into a designer, all it takes is keeping your mind (and eyes open) to what is being done already. And looking deeply at the tools and services you already have right in front of you. Here are some thoughts...

Trust the components (UI):   as a full stacker I'm sure you use some sort of front-end UI kit (bootstrap tailwindUI, etc). People work super hard on these kits to help you layout components in a usable way. Trust them. With a bit of tweaking (colors and google font for H tags), you can make the kit feel totally unique.

Watch the big guys (UX):   Google has spent millions making sure their services work with humans. The location of every button has been designed and tested to death. It’s absolutely OK to use patterns from other services that work for you. That Stripe signup flow, the Google app launcher, the Airbnb booking system - these are all ok to use as inspiration, even replicate if you have to. The upside is that people know the patterns and will be used to them by the time they get to your site. Think about it this way - almost every UX pattern is out there find your inspiration

Start a design collection:   When you see a UX pattern or UI component you like - take a screenshot of it, name it and save it. Make an album or folder in whatever photos app you like to use. Soon you will have a bank of ideas that you like and that you can call on when needed. When you put all of them together - you will naturally end up building a UX that is unique to your service.

Put your designs in front of people  A lot of developers think this means to get it online and watch the analytics. That works to a degree. But if you want to think like a designer - sit down with an actual human and ask them to use your service in front of you. Have a conversation.

♥️ ♥️ ♥️,
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